RAW Tucker was born out of RAW travel who specialise in Australian and International hiking trips at a time when travel was not possible. We have received some wonderful feedback from both our own clients and the schools who have been using the meals for their outdoor programmes, however, now intentional travel is finally resuming we are at the moment, unsure of the future for RAW tucker. At this stage we are reviewing whether we go back into production - but are unclear as we focus on our travel business.


What type of meals do you offer?
Our wholesome meals are predominantly plant-based, tasty, nutritious, lightweight, and quick to prepare.  The meals are handcrafted and freeze-dried on the Mornington Peninsula and the flavours are inspired by our travels around the globe. 
Do you have vegan and vegetarian options?
Yes, most of our meals are vegan or vegetarian.
How do your meals taste and look?
Our meals are not made in a factory and have been hand prepared.  You will see vegetables that have been cut with a knife and the food looks and tastes more like a meal you have made at home.
What is the difference between freeze drying and dehydrating
Both remove the water from the food as preservation methods however freeze-drying retains greater nutrition, is lighter, is quicker to prepare, and does not require cooking to rehydrate the food.  Freeze-drying works by freezing the meals immediately after cooking and then removing 98% of water via a process called sublimation.  Dehydrating works by applying further heat to a meal until it is dried.
How do I prepare the meals?
There are instructions on the pack but basically empty the pouch into your container,  add boiling water and wait around 5 minutes.  You do not need to "cook" the meals.  You just need to add boiling water, stir and wait. Our meals can also be prepared using cold clean water ( Cold soaked)if you are unable to heat water.  
What else will I need to take?
Our meals have been tested in a variety of conditions in the outdoors.  They will be quicker to prepare if a lid is used to capture the steam and if you insulate the container whilst it is sitting ( a beanie will work fine!) Most of our meals require a cooking pot with a capacity of 600ml.
What is a Cozie?
If you want to shorten the rehydration time of your meals, you can use a cozie to insulate your pot.  Equally, you can use a beanie or item of clothing.  We suggest using a lid on your pot to capture the steam to also decrease the time the meals take to prepare, although most are ready to eat in 5 minutes.
Will your meals be adequate for my hiking needs?
Our meals are designed for hikers by hikers and in combination with snacks will be sufficient to meet most peoples energy requirements whilst active in the outdoors.  We do not make our serve sizes larger due to being unable to dispose of unused meals in national parks 
I'm looking to plan my next adventure can you assist?
Yes, we operated hiking trips throughout Australia and internationally for over 20 years - see rawtravel.com
Do you make different pouch sizes?
No at this stage all our meals are single-serve sizes.
What is the shelf life of your food?
 Due to launching our meals in 2021, we have a "best before" date within a couple of months of your purchase although our meals are should be shelf-stable for 2 years. 
Are there any added preservatives?
We do not add additional preservatives to our meals although some of our initial ingredients may contain preservatives.  We apply a freeze-drying process to most of our savoury meals for preservation and use oxygen and silica sachets to further ensure the longevity of our meals.
Where do we source our ingredients from?
Most of our fresh ingredients are sourced locally on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and other ingredients are sourced locally where we can.  
RAW Tucker is 100% Australian-owned and made.
Are products gluten-free?
No, we are not able to cater to gluten-free clients
Where do you ship to?
At the moment we only ship to AUD and NZ.
Can you cater to large groups?
Yes, we have catered to school and hiking groups. Please reach out via email to discuss your group's needs and we would be happy to assist.
More questions or support? 
For all inquiries, please email us via food@rawtravel.com
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