RAW Tucker was born out of RAW travel who specialise in Australian and International hiking trips at a time when travel was not possible. We have received some wonderful feedback from both our own clients and the schools who have been using the meals for their outdoor programmes, however, now intentional travel is finally resuming we are at the moment, unsure of the future for RAW tucker. At this stage we are reviewing whether we go back into production - but are unclear as we focus on our travel business.

What makes RAW Tucker special?

Indigenous ingredients

Aussie Superfoods

We draw flavours & inspiration from the Australian bush by using Indigenous ingredients to produce unique tastes in of our some meals


Ready in minutes

Our meals are speedy , they can be ready in just a few minutes. We offer both hot and cold soak, saving you time and less fuel needed.

Ultra-light & Nutritious

Locally sourced and freezedried

Our main meals are all freeze dried so not only are they ultra light but freeze drying also preserves maximum nutrition and taste

Supporting local

Australian grown & made

We source our food from suppliers on the Mornington Peninsula, helping our local Aussie farmers and keeping our food miles low.

Made with love & care

No factories here!

Our meals are handmade by our team in a kitchen on the Mornington Peninsula. You can taste the difference from food made at industrial scale!

Plant based range

Healthy & Sustainable

Our meal range is plant based meaning it's a healthier option for you and the planet. We also use meat - free delicou chicken in some meals.

Real wholesome food designed & cooked by hikers who understand the importance of good nutrition outdoors.

RAW Tucker was born from over 20 years experience of organising and leading treks & rides all around the world, through our adventure business RAW Travel.


Our Mission

Our mission is creating awesome, nutritious lightweight meals, that support local businesses and help connect people with nature in a sustainable way.

We take the hassle out of meals preparation so you can enjoy your chosen adventure. We've drawn inspiration and flavours from the Australian bush and our extensive travels in global food cultures to produce an imaginative range of meals for hikers, bikers, kayakers , 4WD'ers and everyone else who appreciates good tucker in our great outdoors!

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Supporting Local & ethical

All our meals are handcrafted and produced by our team on the Mornington Peninsula, where we source most of our produce from.

Plant Power

We have designed most of our range around a healthy plant based diet, so there are many great options for vegetarians and vegans. Our meals have been reviewed by a nutritionist so they still tick the box for a balanced meal that tastes great and gives you the fuel you need for your adventure.

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